Substance use as well as other forms of harmful behavior do not occur without a reason. Abuse of substances (smoke, alcohol, medication, illegal drugs), habits such as gambling, eating, use of the internet or mobile phone, watching TV, or even relationships with certain people (parent, child, spouse, friend etc), depending on the particular needs of the individual, can eventually develop into an addiction. Drug use is both a result of supply and demand for illegal substances. It occurs, when someone in the face of a crisis doesn't have the suitable supportive background and the necessary psychological equipment to protect him or herself.

Preventive is considered to be any action, when it contributes towards reducing the chances of young people entering the spectrum of addiction, by enabling them to actively protect their health. Primary prevention focuses on the causes and the circumstances leading to the use of substances. Prevention Programs aim to reduce the risk factors that may render an individual vulnerable to difficulties and dangers and to promote relevant protective factors.
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